Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guest Post: Q&A with Before The I Do's

I have a special treat for you! I would like to introduce you to the beautiful 
Jessica from Before The I Do's. It is her first time visiting and sharing with us 
here at my little blog and I couldn't be happier. She is simply darling!
Enjoy her post and make sure to go and visit her Blog,

Hello Beautiful Readers of Thrifty & Nifty Modern Day Momma -My name is Jessica & you can find me over at Before The I Do's, First thing you should know about me,  I am a lover of Jesus & thankful for the gifts he provides each & everyday. I would consider myself a lifestyle blog with my own twist on things. I am a country living, sport lovin' barefoot blue jeans,  beer drinking kinda Lady. Yet, Come October 13th of 2012, I will be a navy wife which means I might have to trade some of those things in, but it won't be the sports!!  I am addicted to Starbucks & have a secret obsession with shopping. I blog about our lives with the military, wedding planning, living on a dirt road in San Diego, working way too much, having too many animals {12 to be exact} , fitness or lack of  & becoming a mom to a 4 year old little boy & much more.  So grab your favorite wine, beer or Starbucks & come say hello to me. I LOVE meeting new friends!  

 1. What Inspires you most in your life? It is so tough for me to pick one thing, I would say my dad is what inspires me most. Weird to think, but without him I wouldn't be where I am today. He is my biggest cheerleader and the one person who will continue to push me even when I want to give up.  
2. How you plan to spend your summer?
My summer is being spent trying to get in shape for my wedding {epic fail so far}, going to summer school to become a pre school teacher for the school Eli goes too, & working a lot!! so basically nothing to fun!!  
3. If you could pick just one place to visit where would it be and why?
I used to always say Australia just because I think it would be fun, but now I m changing my mind I would love to visit Jamaica I think. It just sounds fun!! I really have no idea. I have lots of places I want to visit.. it is all on my bucket list!!   
4. If you could meet any blogger who would it be and why?
If i could meet any blogger, this is tough. There are so many I would love to meet, one including Ashley. I think we would get along so great!!!  
5. What do you look forward to most in your day to day schedule?
What I look forward to most in my day... sounds weird but showering & getting into bed!! I work at home so I am always stressed to work, blog, make sure everyone is happy, cleaning, being mom, being a soon to be wife, being a daughter, being a mom to fur children. There is lots to do in our home so really just that shower & climbing into bed to read for a few minutes is the best time of day!! & Alex being next to me. 

Jessica Sieberg

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