Thursday, July 5, 2012

'Our' Moon

Often I worry that Clayton won't be as close to our family that lives so far away.
Then I have to remind myself of my childhood and I too grew up along way from most of my family.
I am however very close to them and always have been.
It took a little work both ways but we always made it happen. 
I guess you can say it has added to strength of our relationships.

I thought of all this last night when I was driving home admiring the beautiful Full Moon.
Then I had to call my Grandpa and ask him if he had seen our moon yet tonight?
He replied "No I haven't, how beautiful is it?" 
I told him it was gorgeous and while on the phone he had to go look at it.

Now I will share the whole story.

Growing up over 600 miles away from your grandparents is hard for a child. 
I would spend summers with my family or a couple weeks during school breaks.

I will never forget when I was about 8 my Grandpa telling me
"No matter how far away we are or how much we miss each other, 
we were always looking at the same moon."

This has been and always will be so dear to my heart. Ever since then it has never failed 
that every full moon he calls me or I will call him and ask if we have seen 'Our' moon.

I now live in the same town as my grandparents. I actually live about two blocks away from them.
But we still call each other when we see 'Our' moon. I treasure that I have this with him.

I will share this story with my son and I know he will treasure it as well.
My son has some amazing people in his life that love him so very much and I 
know that no matter where we live or how far we are from our family. 
They will make special moments like this with him as well. 

I shared this story because it is so special to me and I hope it shows others 
that no matter how far or close you are to the one's you love you can always be near to their hearts.

(I did not take the above picture, but this is very much what the moon looked like last night 
when I called my Grandpa. I included the link where I found the picture.)

With Much Love,

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