Friday, July 6, 2012

Momma Overboard

Alright so I am so flippin' excited for this weekend and this coming week.
First and Most Importantly my son's first birthday is this weekend!

I know he won't remember any of the stuff I am doing or even the day,
but I would be lying if I said I haven't went a tad crazy with
decorations, cake, and well the whole sha-bang.

I mean I am spending almost what we did on our wedding cake 
for his cake and then cupcakes for all the kiddo's. 

The husband doesn't seem to get why I am even doing as much as we are. 
Really I am just so proud of my son. 
I won't lie I am proud of myself too!

Let me explain....

We Made It! What have we made it through you ask?

Sleepless nights. Hours and hours of breast feeding.
More spit up than I would ever calculate. Explosive diapers. 
Sweat. Tears. Ton's of Laughter. Learning all kinds of new things together.
Wonderful cuddle time. Upset stomachs.
 Numerous visits to the doctor where I am pretty sure I cried more than him.
Eating Solids. Refusing Solids. Earaches. Teething. Breast Feeding while teething.
Learning to crawl. Learning to walk. Falling down. Getting his first boo-boo's.
Plus many other things that I know we will encounter many more time throughout his lifetime.

So Yes, I may be going a little crazy with his first Birthday. 
I will be an honest Momma and say that my subconscious will be 
patting herself on her back on Saturday.

She will be saying,
"Well done Momma we made it through the first year. Look at what an amazing Son 
you have. You did this. You created this awesome baby. You deserve a high five!"

For any of you that are there Saturday to share our special day
I will be excepting high fives. Oh, and bottles of Wine! ; )

Don't worry those of you that won't be there I will be posting about it next week.

With Much Love,

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