Monday, July 2, 2012

Long Hot Weekend

This was the weekend that would never end and not in a good way.
My Son has been on his antibiotics for his double ear infection since Friday,
they have him on such I high dose though that it has 
upset his tummy in turn given him an awful rash on his bum.

So not only is it HOT as can be outside.
 We are fighting double ear infection. 
 Horrible butt rash.

This mean no swimming due to making ears worse.
Trying to avoid heat because it makes rash worse.
Fighting food down my son's mouth because his teeth hurt
 and he wants nothing to do with it.
Oh not to forget, no sleeping because he is in pain and irritable. (which he has every right to be.)

In turn we are all struggling with losing our minds from being stuck at home. 
Exhaustion because no one is sleeping well.

I feel awful for my poor boy because I know he is miserable and
I feel awful for my husband for having to deal with my moody and tiredness.

I know this too will pass, but it better hurry up because we have a first birthday to prepare for this weekend and our family vacation is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Bowl hats will keep him entertained for a minute =)

Prayers are Appreciated!


  1. The perfect storm :( but you are handling it amazingly well!!! Sending prayers and patience your way!