Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Musing's

Happy Monday Morning friends and it is a bright and sunshine-y one here in Florida!
I feels amazing to be HOME. Such a great feeling to wake-up to in the morning. 
We had a great drive down, Clayton only slept 3 of the 11 hour drive but was in a great mood.
We had a lazy morning yesterday catching up on sleep and then spent the whole 
afternoon with family at my Aunt's pool.

This week is going to fly by like it normally does when we come home to visit 
so I wanted to make a vow, "I Vow to embrace each beautiful moment while we are here."

Dear Clayton,
I know your schedule is going to be a lot busier than normal,
 but give everyone tons of lovin' and smiles this week. They miss you a bunch when we are gone!

Dear Hubby,
So Glad we get to spend more time together this week.
 Looking forward to a day at the beach with you today
 and all the time Clayton and me get to spend together.

I am so excited for our 'Sister Bonding Time' this week.
Thrifting & Antiquing tomorrow and tattoo's on friday! 
Plus all the extra time we get together because after today you are off all week. =)

Dear Momma,
It's so good to be able spend time with you and Clayton is so excited to see
his MIMI. We have missed you so much.

Dear Family,
We are going to have such a wonderful week. I love all the memories and times we have together.

Dear Weather,
Please be beautiful all week so we can make the best out of our visit to the sunshine state.

Alright friends I know this is short but I have to get ready for a day at the beach with my loves, kayaking, paddle boarding, laying out and soaking up the sun!
Then we are headed to my Aunts this evening for more pool time.
I know rough life for us this week....
Enjoy your Monday, I know I will. ;)

With Much Love,

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