Monday, July 9, 2012

First Birthday Instagram Style

Well just as I had planned we had an Amazing time at Clayton's first Birthday!
It was about 115 degrees with the heat index but
the kids didn't seem to mind with the water slide.
In the mean time while us parents were melting away,
 we enjoyed the yummy cake and ice-cream. 

I did a head count Saturday evening when all was said and done. 
56 People.
Can you say WOW! 
We have such an amazing group of friends and even more amazing family.
I feel so blessed to know that our son is going to have all 
of these wonderful people around him as he grows.
 Thank You to everyone for coming out, enduring the heat and 
spending time with us on this special day. 
It means the world to us.

So now to the fun part... Proud Momma Picture Overload!

As you can see he devoured his cake and crashed out right after we hosed him off.
We all had a blast and I hope our guest would say the same thing.
This being a momma and hosting birthday parties is serious business,
I think I could have slept for 3 days after.
Of Course I didn't have that option and we started our day bright and earlier the next day.
Thats the life of a stay at home mom and I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world!

Oh and for all of you out there wondering. I did cry!
Happy Tears of Course.  I am just so proud of my baby boy.

With Much Love,


  1. Everything was so stinkin' cute!! I'm sad that I didn't get to come. Hmph. We have to make his party down here just as cute though!

    love ya!

  2. ahhhh this is THE CUTEST!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for coming to visit my blog!!! It was so much fun I just still can't believe he is 1 already!!!